A Little About Us:

znp-ivory-stock.pngThe name Angry Elephant is an Oxymoron, because there’s no such thing as an

Angry Elephant...UNLESS!!!

 Welcome to the Angry Elephant site. What we do is raise awareness to help save the African Loxodonta Elephants from becoming extinct. savanna-elephants.png

1.  Why are Loxodonta Elephants so crucial to us and the environment?

One reason of many, is that Elephants are a cornerstone in their environment. One third of the tree population in Africa could not grow if the elephants did not pass their seeds through the elephant’s digestive system.

2.   As of July 27th, there are approximately 350,000 left from the few million at the turn of the 20th century. Poachers are killing them at a rate of 96 a day to fuel the illegal ivory trades as well as funding the black markets. View the link for the Last Days video on our site.

3. We are committed to help, along with GMFERs we host events to raise funds to donate to the charities that are risking their lives to stop the poachers from killing these elephants.

        event-pic1.png Our apparel speaks in volumes to anyone who sees the Angry Elephant logo, without saying a event-pic2.pngword, you are saying, “I do not tolerate Poaching” or any other plight that contributes to the killing of the Loxodonta Elephant, and the Black Market it funds! Read our Blog and watch our videos to learn more.

Thank you for your support.


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