About Us

Angry Elephant Clothing is a purpose driven men's and women's apparel company which produces a distinct line of urban and contemporary apparel and accessories inspired by the plight of the world's elephant population and their struggle against ivory poachers and other acts of violence which threaten the freedom and survival of elephants.
Angry Elephant Clothing is where fashion and purpose collide to produce an inspired collection of fashionable tops and accessories for men and women including t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, crewnecks, tank tops, snap back caps and beanies.

Angry Elephant is the universal symbol of those who cry out against inequality, injustice and every form of oppression.

                                                       Get Angry - Join to the Movement!

TAKE A STAND against elephant poaching! Join in the movement to help end poaching of the world's remaining elephant population in one of these popular t-shirt designs.

A percentage of our revenue from each item purchased provides a donation to organizations with boots on the ground helping to protect the remaining Loxodonta elephants in Africa. Purchase a shirt and help raise awareness for this cause.  Please follow us on our social media accounts for more up to date information and special discounts.  Thank you for your business and being a part of the movement!

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