From: article - Africa Has Lost a Third of Its Elephants in Just 7 Years

Published by Pete on behalf of Author John R. Platt - on Aug 31st 2016

Africa Has Lost a Third of Its Elephants in Just 7 Years

New research shows that poachers are killing off 8 percent of savanna elephants a year while the number of forest elephants has fallen 62 percent since 2002.

Earlier this week, the hacked-up bodies of at least 26 elephants were discovered in Botswana’s heavily protected Chobe National Park, the largest and most brutal poaching event the park has ever experienced.

This shocking slaughter is just the latest incident in the poaching crisis that has devastated the populations of both African elephant species. New data published Wednesday reveal that poachers killed off 30 percent of Africa’s savanna elephants between 2007 and 2014—about 144,000 animals—and that their numbers now continue to fall at an additional 8 percent per year...

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