Published by Heck on May 25th 2017

Angry Elephant produces custom designed T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, tank tops, snapback caps, beanies and a number of branded accessories which it sells to both promote the cause and also raise awareness about the ongoing poaching crisis being faced by the world’s elephant population which is being driven to extinction over man’s craving for ivory. Our apparel is shipped directly to customers and is also available in select boutiques throughout the country.

Aside from helping people to look great, we use the apparel to get people’s attention and spread the word about our work which includes:

– Educating the general public about the ongoing elephant crisis and why elephants are under threat of extinction

– Generating funding to support for conservation organizations stationed in Africa with an interest in preserving wildlife, and protecting the environment where these elephants live.

– Advocating and influencing policies to ban the ivory trade

– Providing a voice of urban America through the Angry Elephant brand as a universal symbol of those who take a stand against inequality, injustice and every form of oppression.

All or part of the proceeds from the sale of each garment goes to protect these gentle giants as well as protecting the environment where these elephants live. We also sponsor awareness campaigns and support local groups who advocate against poaching as well. For more information, contact us via our "Contact Us" page.

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